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Are your plants safe for invertebrates?Updated 2 years ago

Are your plants safe for invertebrates? Are your plants safe to place in my shrimp tank?

Buce Plant never uses pesticides in our holding tanks, and we always take precautions to clean thoroughly and perform extensive quality checks on all plants before shipment. However, in order to comply with USDA requirements regarding agricultural pests, partner farms may use pesticides on plants prior to being imported. Although our team does its best to clean all incoming plants of various ailments, there may be trace amounts of pesticides on aquarium plants from any distributor.

Unfortunately, even trace amounts of pesticides can harm shrimp or other invertebrates. If you do not want to risk this, please consider purchasing tissue culture plants instead OR cleaning and quarantining new plants very thoroughly prior to placing them in your aquarium. Because shrimp are sensitive creatures, extra rinsing and several days of quarantining may be necessary before it is safe to add certain new plants to your shrimp tank. Click the link below to learn more.

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