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How do I prepare plants?

Plant preparation will be contingent on what "form" you purchase the plant in. Plants will generally be sold in the following forms:

  • Potted: The plant is wrapped in rockwool and placed in a little pot. To learn how to prep potted and lead bunch plants, click here.

  • Lead Bunch: Typically used for stem plants. The plant stems are wrapped in protective cotton and secured with a plant weight to prevent it from floating. To learn how to prep potted and lead bunch plants, click here.

  • Attached to: Plants such as aquatic mosses can be attached to stainless steel mesh, while epiphytic plants like buce can be attached to stones or driftwood. You can simply place these in the aquarium as is. However, you may also gently separate it and replant or reattach. Stainless steel mats of moss will generally have a net-like covering that you can cut off and peel back. Once peeled back or removed, gently pluck off the portions of moss and reattach to your liking. 

  • Tissue Culture: These plants are grown in a lab and are the only way to fully guarantee that plants are 100% snail, pest, and algae-free. To learn how to prep tissue culture plants, click here.

How do I ensure my plants are free of algae and pests before adding them to my tank?

We recommend quarantining and/or bleach dipping all aquarium plants (excluding tissue culture) prior to placing them in your aquarium. This will ensure that any potential pests, algae, or trace amounts of pesticides will not affect your tank.

To learn how to quarantine your plants, click here.

To learn how to bleach dip your plants, click here.

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